Brand Campaign tips

It’s not often you see illustration used in brand campaigns these days. But for that very reason, it can be a great way to make your marketing stand out, capturing attention and eliciting an emotional response from the viewer.

From hand-drawn images to vector art, the power of illustration cannot be underestimated when done well. So to inspire your own projects, we’ve brought together 10 examples that show just how illustration can be used in branding in creative and imaginative ways.


  • Oreo

To celebrate its 103rd birthday, sandwich cookie company Oreo wanted to update its brand but still convey a sense of childlike wonder. Via The Martin Agency, Oreo commissioned 10 artists to create a character that embodied a single word. The only stipulation was that the character use the Oreo cookie wafer as the face/head.

The beautifully intricate example shown above was the work of Shotopop, whose word was ‘twist’. You can view the full campaign here.

  • Penguin

Everyone loves classic Penguin covers. And this multi-award winning campaign for Penguin Group China draws wryly on that sense of nostalgia, to promote its range of audio books.

In each of the ads, commissioned by Y&R China, a flipper-footed sound technician subtly invades the scene. The Moby Dick illustration shown above was created by Swiss artist Jared Muralt, and you can see the full campaign here.








  • Ram Trucks

Selling automobiles is about engaging the emotions as much as anything else. So these print ads for Ram pickup trucks summon memories of the illustrative posters created in the 1930s and 1940s to awaken the public’s taste for adventure.

The Richards Group commissioned Anderson Design Group (ADG) to create the poster art, inspired by the Art Deco-style WPA National Park posters created after the Great Depression to promote America’s parks.